Traditional Hungarian Dinner In A Chef's Home

Hosted by Anikó

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סוג האירוע

ארוחת ערב, הונגרי

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2 עד 8

שעת האירוע

19:00 (3 שעות)

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English, הונגרי

האירוע של Anikó

מארח מאומת
I am a chef, living and working in Budapest. For 3 years now I have been working as a chef on a cruise ship on the river Danube called Thetis. ( I also write a gluten-free column in the BBC Good Food Magazine. In 2011 I opened my cooking school which, due to health issues in the family had to be closed in 2015. When I was younger I used to work as a tourist guide, and when I was even younger I was a singer in a rock band :) I love my city where I have lived all my life. I love cooking. I love teaching. I love meeting new people. I'd love to entertain you :)
שפת המארח או המארחת: English, הונגרי


Körözött , served with fresh baguette, Töpörtyű (cracklings) of duck or goose, tomatoes,and bell peppers.
Main course
Hearty beef stew cooked with red wine
**Cottage cheese dumplings Túrógombóc) in sweet breadsrcumbs with sour cream and icing sugar

למה לצפות?

Gaborדצמבר 2017
We had a great evening with my girlfriend there. Special Hungarian tastes, interesting people. After the dinner we stayed there at least for an hour and we had really interesting conversations with our new friends. Thank you.
Adrienneנובמבר 2017
We had a great evening with really nice and friendly hosts. Anikó is an easy going, friendly, open and kind person, The dinner was superb, tasty and more than enough. Anikó served traditional hungarian courses. István was serving different wines, match to the courses. They are really good hosts. Their location is on Buda side, in a small, calm street on the hill. The flat has a really nice, warm and friendly atmosphere. I do reccomend them for everyone who would like to have a great dinner and experience.
Évaנובמבר 2017
I had a truly lovely evening with Aniko and her boyfriend Istvan. She served a traditional, tasty hungarian meal, she is very talented in the kitchen. Her boyfriend helped her, he paired the wine to the food. The place is perfectly quiet and cozy. The delicious food, the wine, and the warm atmosphere has made for a memorable experience. She and her boyfriend were the perfect hosts, I highly recommend Aniko!
Horváthנובמבר 2017
One of the best host I met. Close to the city in the hill at a small villa. Vintage place with amazing food and atmosphere. Worth for try!

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