Milan market tour and tasting with a design journalist

Hosted by Valentina

מידע על קוביד -19

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סוג האירוע

סיור אוכל, איטלקי

מספר האורחים

4 עד 8

שעת האירוע

09:30 (2 שעות)

השפה שמדבר האורח

(פריטים) ו (פריטים נותרים) ועוד

האירוע של Valentina

מארח מאומת
I'm a design journalist but I've always had a passion for food and wine. I can offer a great Italian local food experience, mixed with my passion for design, colors, flowers and beauty in general. In Milan, I cook together with Mariangela, a friend and a great professional chef from Palermo, Sicily. Be ready for a full sensorial experience when sitting at our table! I'm in love with my city and I enjoy sharing experiences and laughing around the table, very italian, isnt' it?! In your plates you'll find my passion for colorful food, healthy and natural ingredients, a sicilian twist added by Mariangela. All surrounded by design and vintage pieces from all over the world. In the glasses, italian wines (according the menu). Since I am coeliac, if you need a full gluten-free meal I am totally comfortable with that and I can provide it with no problem at all, in full safety. Can't wait to welcoming you and open the doors of our cozy place!
שפת המארח או המארחת: English, צרפתי, גרמני, איטלקי


Market Tasting 1
Ham - salami - prosciutto - mortadella bolognese
Market Tasting 2
Market Tasting 3
Cheese: mozzarella and cheeses from Lombardy

למה לצפות?

Tobyפברואר 2020
Valentina’s tour was awesome and worked well for 3 kids with variable taste buds!
Jose luisאוקטובר 2019
Fue una gratisima y original tarde en casa de Valentina Simpática y dispuesta a compartir su experiencia de cómo se vive en Milan mientras preparaba una deliciosa cena
Martyאוקטובר 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner with Valentina! The food was delicious, and conversation was so fun! Love this concept, and will be seeking out other Eatwith experiences in the future.
Salvatoreספטמבר 2019
Magnifica serata tra arte/design/cibo grazie Valentina!

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