Italian Chef's table - private dinner for couples

Hosted by Nadia

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ארוחת ערב, איטלקי

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2 עד 4

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20:00 (3 שעות)

האירוע של Nadia

מארח מאומת
Born and raised in Italy, I have lived in Milan, Paris, and Tel Aviv (since 2008). You may have seen me on TV where I host my own cooking show ("Nadia Ellis - The Vegan Italian Chef") or you may have already been one of the over 4,000 guests who have dined at my table over the years... Or maybe this is the first time you've landed on my page so here are some details about me! I am a lecturer at Tel Aviv University during the day, and a passionate food researcher at night - I love trying new recipes and finding that one special ingredient that can turn any dish into a moment of perfect pleasure... I have turned the expression "Vegan Italian" into a tasty and well-renowned reality here in Israel and I have made countless people fall in love with plant-based gastronomy over the years. Whether you've wanted to taste my foods for a long time, or it's the first time you've heard of Vegan Italian Gastronomy and now you're curious - I hope I'll have the pleasure to host you for a sumptuous and exclusive dinner at my place in Tel Aviv! I'll be happy to prepare the most amazing Italian food experience you've ever had.

למה לצפות?

Giovannaאוגוסט 2020
Amazing food, lovely host, wonderful atmosphere. I am not vegan and I enjoyed every bite of Nadia's gorgeous dinner. Highly recommended... Take my word for it - i am italian!!
Mayaמאי 2020
הקסם של נדיה מתחיל בחיוך שלה כשהדלת נפתחת, ואז כשנכנסים שמים לב למטבח האינטימי שלה שממלא את הבית בבריח של אפייה. נדיה מומחית בלגרום לאורחים להרגיש בבית וכמובן בלהוציא אוכל איטלקי טעים עם מתכונים מבית ילדותה לשולחן. תודה נדיה על חוויה נהדרת!
Nadineמאי 2020
I will never forget the evening spent at Nadia’s place! That was much more than “only a tasty dinner”. Nadia is simply an amazing host, making you feel comfortable from the moment you step in with her Italian charm. The table was set amazingly, with care for every small detail making us feeling like being in another dimension. The food was simply delicious, Italian “classic” food revised in terms of keeping everything vegan, quite a challenge that didn’t seem like inhibiting Nadia at all. Indeed, if you wouldn’t have known, you wouldn’t have found out that she kept everything with animal-free ingredients with obvious consequences... I could enjoy till the end a six-courses meal without feeling heavy but feeling only that I want to go back to her dinners ASAP. I can only recommend to have such full experience, it was just amazing!
Avnerמאי 2020
Ok, so yes, it's my 6th time at Nadia's but needless to say - there's a reason. Yup, it's the food. I was always a sucker for Italian food and Nadia's cooking is at the highest level, especially since I turned vegan - you cannot tell the difference. Highly recommended!

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