From the Market to the Table | Market Tour, Cooking and Lunch!

Hosted by Luisa

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Little breads with chouriço, thinly sliced beef, creamy watercress soup...these are some of the memories from my Grandmother’s house, where the table was always set without knowing how many would arrive for lunch, and where all the important conversations started in the kitchen and ended at the table. Later, my mother also loved being in the kitchen, so once again all important matters were dealt with while cutting squid in finely cut strips, filleting fish, or making a bechamel, very carefully of course, we couldn’t have any lumps! In the meantime I grew up, I went to Belgium to study languages, I lived in Spain, in France, and as international head of a multinational company, I traveled all over the world. I had two wonderful children, who also chose to leave home at quite a young age to study abroad. The truth is that whenever they came back they longed for the moment when we sat down at the table, where I served their favorite meal and where we continued this conversation at the table. Still today, grown up with children of their own, we get together on Sunday around the table, always with several dishes to make sure everyone has their favorite, and once again it is around the table that the big decisions are made, it is around the table the big news is shared and celebrated. The table is the soul of my family, and Mesaluisa is not only a tribute to my mother, my children and my husband who made me the person I am today, but also a place where I hope to share this Portuguese custom to make the table the center of our life, with all those who pass through Lisbon and want to experience my city through the eyes of a local. The table is set, I hope you’d like to take a seat!
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Elizabethינואר 2020
Luisa is an excellent host. She knows her way around the market and kitchen and graciously folds you into the experience.

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