Campania dinner in a Caserta greenhouse

Hosted by Valeria

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ארוחת ערב, איטלקי

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4 עד 20

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19:30 (2 שעות)

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האירוע של Valeria

מארח מאומת
I am an architect, with a passion for cooking and receptions. I like preparing traditional dishes which I cook and share with my guests. Usually we make handmade pasta and meat ragù, according to my grandmother's recipe. My cuisine is also characterized by a combinations of contrasting ingredients, which surprise in their final harmony. My husband Massimo and I welcome guests in our family garden, with informality but a strong attention to details. Here we organize vintage style breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners and obviously chic picnic. On rainy or cool days, a large table will be set up in our beautiful conservatory. What are you waiting for?
שפת המארח או המארחת: English


to start
Fried dumplings
Pan Cotto
Eggplants parmigiana's bites
Buffalo Mozzarella cheese
the mixed pasta with potatoes, provola and bacon
Spaghetti with red and yellow "datterini" and basil souce
“Annurca” Apple crumble

למה לצפות?

Valeriaפברואר 2020
Ieri bellissima giornata al garden di Valeria. Cucinare insieme e stare insieme, questo è il concept della “Mediterranea Cooking Class”, nello spazio verde che si reinventa ogni volta, e per chi viene da fuori, anche un modo per conoscere meglio la nostra cultura culinaria.
Ornellaפברואר 2020
Oggi ho partecipato ad una delle fantastiche “food experience in Caserta” organizzate da Valeria Fusco, nel suo magnifico Escargo' Garden di Tuoro. Un modo davvero unico per viversi al meglio il cibo come momento di convivialità e comunicazione.
Antonioדצמבר 2019
Noi che la domenica mattina ci divertiamo così; Pranzo in serra all'Escargo' Garden con Valeria Fusco e altra bella gente.

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