Italian Cooking Class and Dinner at a Chef's House

Hosted by Matteo

אירוע פרטי

מידע על קוביד -19

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קורס בישול, איטלקי

מספר האורחים

2 עד 5

שעת האירוע

18:30 (3 שעות)

האירוע של Matteo

מארח מאומת
I'm a professional chef, originally from Sardinia. I love social and healthy eating and I'm happy to stay with the people, sharing emotions, knowledge and experiences, discovering the differences between the cultures. I'm specialized in Italian and Fusion cuisine, I work in catering and delivery healthy food where i mix up my roots with the rest of the world. I'm devoted to all the entire world of food, from taste to nutrition and for ethical and pleasing choice I use only seasonal and local products, from organic farms to fair-trade chain and Slow Food presidia. I prefer a quick cooking method that preserves the flavors, the colors and the nutrients, which involves the use of many spices, herbs, traditional and modern culinary techniques.


Chickpeas flour pie with vegetables mousse
main course
Handmade pasta with seasonal sauce or pesto
Tiramisù or Gelato

למה לצפות?

Eleonoraמרץ 2020
Matteo is a lovely host and his cooking class was so interesting! Not only he explained in a very easy-to-understand way all the secrets of pasta and tiramisù making, but he also reveled to us all the chemistry behind what we cooked... we were so impressed! At the end of the lesson, we ate together what WE cooked... the food was great and we had a beautiful evening with Matteo and the other guests!!
Jasmineפברואר 2020
We spent a really nice time with Matteo. He was very welcoming and a good teacher. He even gave us good tips to cook and we recommended us some addresses to eat !
Opiaינואר 2020
Incredible! This was exactly the type of experience we were hoping for. Super cosy, relaxed and fun. The food was delicious and I’m excited to make it at home. Matteo was awesome and we’d recommend his class to anyone in Florence!
Melissaדצמבר 2019
Matteo was great! We were able to learn about the city while sampling some of the great tastes of Florence. We would definitely book with Matteo again!

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